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Lentil Dal (Masur Dal)

Jevish Exim: The Best Lentil Dal Exporter in India

Jevish Exim is known to be the leading lentil dal trader in India. We are known for our zeal to produce premium quality lentil dal in the market at competitive prices. Pulses happen to be a staple food in India. It is consumed every day by millions, and hence there is always a constant demand for superior quality crops in the market.

We have some of the best industry professionals who assist the entire manufacturing team. With the most significant knowledge and experience, these experts help our brand deliver the best services to our clients.

Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest technology and machinery to deliver the more refined quality of lentil dal in India. We are well-known in the market because of our specific manufacturing methods and strict adherence to compliance.

We will never compromise with our manufacturing rules or sanitation checks, and such practices only help us bring the best quality dal to your table. So, we are the best lentil dal trader in India.

About Lentil Dal

Lentils come from the legume family, and they resemble tiny beans that grow in pods and are available in multiple varieties. You can come across brown, red, black, and green types in the market. 

They are mostly known for their high levels of fibre and protein. These are relatively quick and hassle-free to prepare every day. They are always available at affordable costs in the market and are India’s staple food. 

Benefits of Lentil Dal

Some of the benefits of consuming lentil dal every day are:

  • The lentils are rich in folic acid, fibre, and potassium. Hence it is ideal for supporting good heart health. It lowers the risk of many cardiovascular diseases and controls cholesterol levels. 
  • Lentils are a significant source of folate. Therefore, it is essential for preventing any neural tube defects in newborns. It is also helpful for controlling the risk of gestational diabetes. 
  • Lentils are rich in selenium. As a result, they decrease the growth rate of tumours. It also increases the immune response by stimulating the T cells production in the body. 

Jevish Exim Trending as one of The Lentil Dal Exporters

With the latest machinery and advanced technology, we have dominated the Indian market for quite some time now. This is because we take our manufacturing methods pretty seriously. We have some of the best professionals conducting proper sanity checks before releasing our products.

We have a variety of food materials available for sale in the market. If you are looking for the top suppliers for lentil dal, we would love to assist you. Give us a call today, and we would be delighted to give you the entire tour of our manufacturing details. Learn more about our products, their fair pricing, and nutritional information about lentil dal today.

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