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Soyabean (Soybean)

Jevish Exim: Best Soybean Trader in India

India offers the best climatic and soil conditions for the growth of many vegetables and fruits, and it also supports the production of pulses and grains. Jevish Exim happens to be one of India’s top soya bean exporters. To offer excellent quality products in the market, we produce tons of soybeans every year. We have catered to international and national needs and exported our finest quality soybeans for a few years.

About Soybean (Soyabean)

Soybean or soya bean comes from the species of legume, and the family of this plant happens to be native to East Asia. According to the top soybean exports, this legume has been popularly eaten for its edible bean. However, it also has many uses and is used widely to produce different oils, milk, and other food products.

Did you know that fermented soy foods include fermented bean paste, soy sauce, tempeh and natto? Even the defatted soybean meals are a cheap source of protein for many animals. Also, soybeans are the core source for making tofu and soy milk and are sometimes even used as dairy and meat substitutes.

Soyabeans: Life Cycle

Soybeans develop fully from seeds to mature plants. According to the best soyabean exporters, the life cycle of this legume is as follows:

Germination is the stage where it becomes the first radicle, and it is the stage where the root and shoot growth occurs.


Here, you can view the first true leaves that develop as a pair of single blades. Then, under ideal conditions, the stem starts its growth, producing new nodes every four days. 


Here the day triggers the growth or death of a flower. So, depending on the length of the day, you can get variable varieties of soybeans.   

Lastly, the legumes mature and contain high proteins that people consume. These soybeans can also fix atmospheric nitrogen, apart from being highly nutritious food. It is possible due to the presence of the symbiotic bacteria belonging to the Rhizobia group. 

Leading Soyabean Trader

We believe in offering you quality products at affordable prices. We have been one of the top soybean suppliers for multiple reasons. One thing we never compromise is the quality of the raw material. With proper research and knowledge and critical expertise in soybean production, our teams deliver excellent products for you.

From procuring the seeds to nurturing the plants and cleaning the legumes, we take extreme measures to deliver superior-quality food to your plate. In addition, we keep updating our manufacturing plants with the latest equipment and technology to make no compromises with our production. 

These qualities and never-ending zeal to offer you good services have made us one of the soybean exporters in India. To know more about our products, get a sample or learn more about farming, give us a call today.

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